PathLessNess is an organization created by the World TaiChi Champion and International Wushu Judge, Avedis Seropian in the year 2004.


About Avedis Seropian: Avedis is a Chinese Wushu Practitioner since the year 1996, and was introduced to TaiChi in the year 1999. On 2001, Avedis Participated in his first World Wushu Championships with a Top Ten classification (8th rank) in the style of 42 TaiChi, and ever since, he has a record of more than 50 gold medals with numerous participations in international & regional tournaments (6 world championships, 3 Asian Games, 5 European Championships, 3 West Asian Games, 4 Arab World Championships, and 11 international & Regional Championships, and a decade and a half of local championship tournaments, demonstrations).


Recently Avedis Seropian was made an International Wushu Judge and officiated during the 13th World Wushu Championships in Indonesia.


Avedis is also a Clinical Psychologist and a full time teacher/lecturer on the various internal arts of Wushu, transpersonal psychology & his first love: Chinese Wushu/Kungfu in all its forms.

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